Elektra Festival Identity

Communication Design

An identity design concept for the 17th edition of ELEKTRA, an international Digital Art festival held annually in Montréal. The design reflects the festival's nature and atmosphere, which focuses on new interactive and immersive audiovisual art, and was arrived at upon the completion of demographic and psychographic research and analysis.

Inspiration was taken from the visuals of past works and performances featured at the festival, and the keywords of 'Vibrant', 'Bold', 'Immersive', and 'Atmospheric'. The main imagery created for the festival's visual identity was designed to portray the theme of 'Spectrum' by use of bold and vibrant colours, and a sense of dimension through the manipulation of line and form.

All materials are designed in both English and French. A multi-page festival program features information about the festival, its venues, and events. The program includes a schedule, and detailed descriptions of each event according to date and time. The program also includes ticket prices, which are available in both print and digital formats. Also available are special passes for full-access guests, members of the press, crew members, and performers or artists.