Mechanistic Schedules

Information Design

From parts to a whole, our lives are mechanistically structured around work. Utilizing the Canadian standard 40 hour work week, this large scale infographic poster illustrates how saturated of our lives are with work, on daily, weekly, and annual scales. Built up hour by hour, day by day, our lives are incredibly influenced by the methodical manner by which we go to work.

The scheduled patterns in our daily lives is visualized against the natural cycle of the sun on a daily and annual basis. The comparison of the average working schedule and subsequent workplace culture of five different countries underscores greater social patterns around the globe. These patterns, along with their correlation to the cycle of the sun, are also compared to general happiness.

Data was gathered from the OECD Better Life Index, the World Happiness report, European Working Conditions Surveys, and other sources. The Canadian 2014 annual Calendar and Toronto sunrise/set times were used for main the visualisation. Poster final output size at 24" x 36".