Focal Point Magazine

Editorial Design

Focal Point is a gathering of fine art film photography, with a collection of essays, articles, opinion editorials, interviews, and featurettes related to film photography and the arts industry. A platform for creatives to develop a discourse on the value and position of analogue art and methods in an increasingly digital world, Focal Point is a rich curated collection of an under-represented artform.

The magazine is also available in digital format, the design of each spread having been translated from the traditional print format to a continuous vertical scroll on a tablet. The digital magazine also includes active links to artists and their work through the internet, and other digital content such as exclusive video interviews.

The magazine's art direction revolves around the use of simplified typography on plain backgrounds, with careful applications of spot colours. Colour palettes change on a spread-by-spread basis, and are selelcted according to the colours present in visuals used elsewhere in the spread. Typography is limited to two type families; Minion Pro and Avenir. The tone struck is that of a traditional-meets-contemporary gallery, as the magazine's primary function is to showcase works of art.